February 15, 2016

Plague Among Us

Things that encourage piracy:
  • Unreasonable prices,
  • DRM/Copy protection,
  • Lack of availability.
There's a RedBox 1/4 block from my apartment. I was happy to just rent from that instead of downloading movies. I wouldn't buy online 'rentals' or downloads because they were much more expensive than a RedBox rental.

I decided to rent 5 movies for a long weekend at the studio. Our studio is full of professional gear, so we expect our shit to always work. FOUR of the five DVDs I rented would not play. They were brand new, no scratches. They couldn't play because of copy protection. The copy protection was so severe that I couldn't play them on anything we had in the studio. Not the MacPros, not the professional $5,000 reference DVD Player, not the professional kiosk playback machines, not the burner machine, nothing. I couldn't get a refund on my rental fees for the four movies I could not watch.

Thus officially ended my desire to bother with legitimate channels.

Copy protection and region restrictions only affect legitimate customers. When I download a torrent, I KNOW I won't have any issues playing the movie. No unskippable trailers, no warnings in twenty different languages, no annoying menus that cause even the most beefy players to lag, nothing but the movie I want to watch. No hassle, no time restrictions on streaming, no physical DRM to hamper my ability to play it. No blocking of my being able to watch it because I'm in the wrong country. Even if it were to cost me double the cost of a rental, Pirates have a better product.

The industry (of which I am a part and do everything i can to discourage DRM and price gouging) needs to pull its head out of its ass and stop with the bullshit they themselves are causing that drive people to easier methods to consume entertainment.

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