June 18, 2018

Broken facade

Republicans and other right wingers are calling the children in cages 'crisis actors.' Apparently when one lacks the capability to feel empathy, all suffering that isn't experienced by them directly looks like acting. Republicanism in a nutshell.

All Democrats and Independents in Senate back No Child Separation bill. All of them. Not one member of the "party of family values" supports the bill to prevent children from being separated from their parents. Republicans have ZERO moral ground left to stand on.

June 8, 2018


Telling people with depression to 'reach out' is the 'thoughts and prayers' of the mental health world. It's condescending and it doesn't help.

Mental health issues often need the kind of help that those who suffer from it cannot give to themselves or feel like they can reach out to others for.

When a celebrity dies, don't say "Oh, that's so sad," and post a suicide hotline number. Look around you, RECOGNIZE those who suffer... and reach out directly to them instead.

Otherwise we feel overlooked in part of a grander message that comes off like a platitude. Means well but ultimately does nothing.